About Us?

Located in the town of Estepa, at the foot of Mount Becerrero, the “hill” for estepeños, IES has been operating since Ostippo 1983.

It consists of two buildings: a small, the annexe, where the first cycle of that class is taught and received some groups of third ESO; and other major, the parent house, addition to being located where the administrative area, the second cycle that are distributed, Secondary Adult Education, Bachelors two modalities (Humanities and Social Sciences and Health Sciences and Technology) and training program of professional families of Electricity (that has not only the mean but also the Grade Superior), Machining and geriatric care. The cycle of geriatric care has, also, a space donated by the local council and the annex building next -“the cottage”- where they are taught most of his teachings.

In addition to all the previous, years plus, has been working with the Classroom Experience Estepa.

Since the course 2006/2007 We are ICT Centre and Bilingual Center, in the form of English.

He has participated IES Ostippo – and participates – in many European programs: Equal program (employment and equal opportunities); Youth Program (cultural exchanges with Scotland, France and Greece) and Leonardo Programme (professional exchanges).

You can learn the structure of departments and teachers who teach in various departments through the links on the right of the page.

If you want to do is contact us, Simply go to the page “Contact” and follow the instructions that are indicated.

On the other hand, be sure to visit the page “Documentation”, where you can read or download information and forms large about the Center and how to work on it.

Through page “Contact” You can also send us your opinions or suggestions for this page. You can always improve and you can help it.

In cement and brick, we are here:

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