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Here you will find all the information about the project Next Stop Europe the IES Ostippo, within the consortium of five institutes of the region, He has presented under the program ERASMUS mobility grants +.

If you received the title in June 2016, or you find yourself currently performing your period FCT, or you are enrolled in 2nd year at any of our three cycles Intermediate, You can apply for this scholarship presented in the Centre Secretariat these two documents before the 4 November 2016:

  • Application Form (you can download here)
  • Motivation letter (in English or Castilian), where you must explain why you want an internship in Europe, why you are a good candidate to receive a scholarship, etc..

Do not miss this opportunity!




They're already in Italy the first!

Last Saturday they went to Arezzo, in Tuscany, the first four students of IES Ostippo involved in the project Europe Next Stop. During this week they are receiving a course of Italian language and culture, and next Monday and begin practices in their respective companies. A Ivan (Of electricity), Christian, Alfonso and Pedro (Machining) We wish them a happy and rewarding experience.



Five more to Italy

These five students from Intermediate Electricity will make your FCT (Formation in work centers) Nicotera en, a city in Southern Italy. Will in late March and return in late June, just in time for the graduation ceremony. Pictured are accompanied by the Coordinator of Vocational Training, the Counselor and Deputy Director of IES Ostippo, which they have been responsible for conducting the selection interviews and preparing all the paperwork. We wish you good luck and a pleasant stay,,es,Back,,es,Are back and the first four students taking internships in companies in Italy,,es,specifically in Arezzo,,es,lthough there has been light and shadow,,es,e,,en,n set rate the experience as positive,,es,In the photos you can see three of the students of Ostippo with others from different institutes of the consortium on the day of the final appraisal meeting of the first round of Project Next Stop Europe,,es,travelers teachers,,es.



De vuelta

Ya están de vuelta los cuatro primeros alumnos que realizaron prácticas en empresas de Italia, concretamente en Arezzo, in Tuscany.

And, aunque ha habido luces y sombras, en conjunto califican la experiencia como positiva. En las fotos podéis ver a tres de los alumnos del Ostippo junto a otros de diferentes institutos del consorcio el día de la reunión final de valoración de esta primera vuelta del Proyecto Next Stop Europe.



Profesores viajeros

Two professors of IES Ostippo have also traveled to the city of Arezzo,,es,near Florence,,es,for five days and were able to see first hand how the Italian education system is,,es,They have visited several institutes and have lived with Italian teachers,,es,they have handed them their views and concerns,,es,these teachers,,es,both of the Department of Electricity,,es,José Antonio López Frías are and Juan Carlos Pérez,,es,The latter has prepared an interesting dossier you can find in this,,es, cerca de Florencia, y durante cinco días han podido conocer de primera mano cómo es el sistema de enseñanza italiano. Han visitado varios institutos y han convivido con profesores italianos, que les han transmitido sus opiniones e inquietudes. Estos profesores, ambos del Departamento de Electricidad, son José Antonio López Frías y Juan Carlos Pérez. Este último ha preparado un interesante dossier que podéis encontrar en este link.


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