A comment and some photos of the D conference. Emilio Calatayud Perez

The 8 October 2013 el IES Ostippo organizó, association with AMPA Andaestepa and "Sierra de Becerrero", a conference in the auditorium of Oleoestepa by Don Emilio Calatayud Perez, Juvenile Judge Granada.

Don Emilio Calatayud is famous for its curious decisions, copies and education based on more than the mere punishment. He is the author and coauthor of several books, among which My exemplary sentences, and is also blogista and contributor to various radio.

Al acto asistieron profesores, parents and authorities.

The conference highlighted masterfully performed by mixing between trying really troubling issues-such as violence of minors each other or to their parents, or more patents crimes in those ages- and a humorous tone that raised more than a laugh and managed to relax an atmosphere increasingly tense because of the harshness of the subject and the various examples that Don Emilio Calatayud exposed by reference to the various cases tried by him.

Judge highlighted as important issues, for its impact on the education of children, the use of new technologies (smartphones, tablets, social networks, etc.), source of a variety of new offenses; alcohol and drugs, with special reference to the "bottle"; y el incremento de casos de violencia hacia la familia. Also, we read his famous "Decalogue to create a criminal", which will provide the following link.

Many of the attendees agreed enjoyable and enriching affirm what was the talk. Almost all highlighted the fact that, after listening to Judge, behaviors were detected in children, in the case of the parent- or students-in the teachers'- to which they had not paid attention and to which was worth a change of attitude.

Personally highlight the fact that the conference discussed, mostly, is something known by everyone from common sense, but, said by someone who faces these situations when they have reached the point of having to be judged, and with the addition of some chilling examples and real, is engraved in our minds and makes us think about what we can do to improve as parents and teachers. After all, what is at stake is the future of our children and students. Nothing less.

Antonio Dominguez Alfonso Porras

The author of the photographs is Quino Castro.

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