Third session of the School Parent

Como ya se anunció en la charla sobre cambios en la adolescencia, the third session of the School Parent IES Ostippo youNDRA place in our center the next Monday 31 March at 18.00 h. and will examine limits and rules.


Se trata del taller motivacional “Cauces pn order that nothing overflows ", which aims to educate from the sense of humor with cheap psychologist will ever meet.

The activity will be borne by Dª. Espinar Concepción Comino, maestra from el year 78, Expert on Drug Dependence and Risk Behaviors by Complute UniversityNSE Madrid in Prevention and Technical School, Work and Family exercising their functions as such in the NGO "Rise Antequera Man Project" since 2005.

La actividad, but becomes a complement to the previous talk on adolescent behavior, is completely independent and is open to all audiences. Thus, look forward to your presence and pray you read the disclosure Deiss among your friends and acquaintances.

Also this time we will have Childcare service totally free, to provide assistance to parents with young children.


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