Selectivity and university entrance

For those who have thought to do the PAU in June, or September, here you have a number of documents that you can-and should- interest:

– IMPORTANT! Information Basic on filling the roles, what to pay and where, how to claim the note, etc..

Example how to complete the model 046 to pay fees to receive the diploma of Bachelor.

Information on general and specific part of the PAU: how to calculate your grade.

Parameters weighting of high school courses for admission to the various university (FIGHT 109 of 6 June 2011).

ROYAL DECREE 1892/2008, of 14 November, por el que se regulan las condiciones para el acceso a las enseñanzas universitarias

– What I can take Andalusian province this career?

Calendar admission and enrollment for the University of Seville.

– Those interested in the vocational training of middle and top grade should visit Training Portal.

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