Meetings of the tutors with families

reunion1Next Monday 21 October will be held group meetings of tutors with families.

The schedule will:


17'00 Hcity



3ESO A and B

In the annexe


17'00 Hours

1º y 2 º PCPI

1And 2nd Intermediate Vocational Training

In the main building


18'30 Hours

3ESO C and D

3No diversification

4º ESO B/C bilingüe

4ºESO B/C no bilingüe

4No diversification

1º 2 º Bachillerato

In the main building


Note: Meetings 4th ESO 1st Baccalaureate A and B will be held later, to display their guardians.


It recalls the importance of attending this meeting, because it is a first contact with the guardian of his children and an opportunity to address important aspects of their education.

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