Guardians meeting with families


We inform you that the next Monday 19 de octubre will be held group meetings of tutors with families, at the following times:

17:00 h:

1ESO, 2º ESO y 3º ESO, on Annex building. 4ESO, diversification / PMAR 3rd and 4th, and the FPB (1St and 2nd), on main building.

18:00 h:

1º Bachillerato, 2º Bachillerato (except 2nd B) and intermediate vocational training (1St and 2nd), on main building.

We urge you to attend this meeting, as it is a first contact with the tutor of his children and an opportunity to discuss important aspects of their education, as well as a good time to pick up the keys that enable them to see the notes of each evaluation through SENECA / PASS.

Your children has dealt them a document with the information listed above. Should fill the cut-out flap of the document and return it signed to tutor their children before the meeting next Monday. If, for any reason, They did not receive the document, may download it from here.

NOTE: On Tuesday 20 de octubre, to 17:00 h, In the main building the meeting of 2nd year B of Science and Technology will take place with his guardian and, quite possibly, group students will be informed, 1 meeting Baccalaureate Social D will be postponed until the arrival of substitute professor, which is low.

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