Estepa Town Hall awards to the best records and high schools

Imagen copa premioEl Hon. Estepa Town Hall has agreed to grant two separate awards to students with best record in secondary and high schools enrolled in the course 2015-2016 in the IES Aguilar and Cano and Ostippo, to reward their effort and perseverance and in order to encourage them to continue their studies.

The endowment of these awards will be as follows:


  • Best record of Secondary Education: 100€
  • Best record of Bachelor of Science and Information Technologyology: 300€
  • Best record in Bachelor of Humanities and Social Sciences: 300 €

The announcement and concession public of the prizes awarded to the students of IES Ostippo take place at the event to be held in our center Tuesday 21 June at 13’00 h.



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