Practices in Europe: Erasmus project +

next-stop-europe-primera-reunionRecientemente ha sido aprobado el proyecto Erasmus + “NEXT STOP EUROPE”, presented by the Consortium of Mobility in the IES participates Ostippo. It offers scholarships for recent graduates and students of 2nd year of training cycles to do internships in Italy, Portugal and Ireland.

currently, only students Intermediate eligible for these grants, although they are undertaking the necessary steps so that in future courses also Higher Level students can benefit from this great opportunity.

This project has been presented jointly with other institutes of the region with which it has signed a consortium for this purpose, and it has been run by the consulting company Praktica Training and Consulting, S.L.. In the photo, taken at the first meeting of the consortium, You can see the representatives of the various schools that compose, and the interlocutor Company:

-IES Aguilar y Cano, Estepa

-IES Flavio Irnitano, El Saucejo

-IES Francisco Rodríguez Marín, Osuna

-IES Juan de la Cierva, Puente Genil

-IES Ostippo, Estepa

-IES Sierra Sur, Osuna

For everything related to the "Next Stop Europe" project, You can see the section of our web Erasmus +.

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