Information on the PAU 2013


Do not be alarmed with the seemingly exorbitant amount of information below relates: is much information you have received in the Center.

Here you can see an overview of the PAU of this year:

Information for students of 2 º Bachillerato

Instructions for students 2013


us access to brochure (pau) 1- 2013

us access to brochure (pau) 3- 2013

us access to brochure (pau) 2- 2013

us access to brochure (pau) 4- 2013

access information leaflet degrees us

PAU Headquarters

Calendar of PAU:

Calendario selectividad 2013

Here are the cut-off marks last year:

Cutting Notes 2012 Andalucia Social and Legal

Cutting Notes 2012 Engineering and Architecture in Andalusia

Cutting Notes 2012 Andalusia Science

Cutting Notes 2012 in Andalucia Health Sciences

Cutting Notes 2012 Andalusia Arts and Humanities

Here are the parameters (coefficients) multipliers for the specific:

Social and Legal Parameters

Parameters for Engineering and Architecture

Benchmarks for Science

Parameters for Health Sciences

Parameters for Arts and Humanities

Parameters course 2013-2014 ff

In any case, as you know, all this information you can find here.

As you know, this year, for all claims related to the PAU and other formalities, need to be virtual users at the University of Seville. Instructions for obtaining the virtual user at the University of Seville (“UVUS”) you have them here:


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