End of the second quarter and delivery notes

Entrega de notas

We inform you that the bulletin for the second evaluation notes deliver him guardians of each group next jueves 17 March between 17:00 and 18:00 hours.

The specific classroom delivery bulletins will be available at the entrance of the two buildings and in this document,es.

To reduce paper costs and provide access to the notes to those parents who can not come personally to collect, consultation notes will be enabled through the computer application Séneca/Pasen desde el jueves 17 March from the 15:00 hours.

Parents do not have the username and password needed to carry out the consultation, por favor, guardians request as early as possible.

The trimmable flap of this document, signed by any of you, hands should return to tutor their children as soon as possible so you can print bulletins before the day of delivery.

We also remind you that Classes will take place as normal until 15'00 h. Day 18 March, so absences must be justified in the usual way. We kindly ask you not to come to pick up their children during the morning except for cause: disease, medical visit…

P.S.: This information has been distributed them to students in a document, they should do to reach their parents, with a cut-out flap must return filled. As if that document does not reach its destination, here A copy.


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