Delivery of report cards

Please note that the report card corresponding to the second evaluation deliver him the guardian of each group next Monday 31 March between 17 and 18 hours.

To reduce paper costs and provide access to the notes to those parents who can not come personally to collect, consultation notes will be enabled through the computer application Seneca Friday 28 March from the 15 chiste-notahours.

Parents do not have the username and password needed to carry out the consultation, por favor, request at the Centre as early as possible.

Together with report cards a report will be delivered, initiative Accident Prevention Bureau of Traffic of the City of Estepa, which deals with alcohol and paellas Day.

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One thought on “Delivery of report cards

  • 25/03/2014 at 8:47 pm

    Me pongo en contacto con vosotros porque no puedo acceder como usuario con la contraseña que me dieron en la reunión de padres del pasado 9 de Noviembre .
    Me gustaría que me la enviasen a mi e mail si es posible, ya que me es muy dificil pasar por el Centro. Gracias .
    Maria José Cabezas

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