School Council Elections: vote by certified mail distnace vote


As we reported in previous dates this website and in the document entregramos their children to the meeting with tutors, next day 8 November It is the day of the vote for the election of parents, mothers and guardians to school board candidates.

  Para aquellos de ustedes que no puedan acercarse a votar en persona, between 15 and 20 hours de dicho día 8 November, The legislation provides two possibilities:

  • Voting by certified mail.
  • Switch Center, delivering the ballot to the Director (during the five days prior to election day, namely, from Tuesday 2 November, and during school hours: of 8:30 a 15 hours).

& Nbsp; In either cases, the Order 7 October 2010 why the development of the electoral process for the renovation and creation of School Boards is regulated states in Article 11, paragraph 2, the following about distnace vote or by mail:

& Nbsp; To ensure the secrecy of the vote, the identity of the voter and avoid possible duplications person double system will be used on. The outer envelope shall be addressed by registered mail to the polling station mothers, Parents and guardians of students, o well, will be delivered within five working days prior to the vote to the person holding the address custody center until delivery of the said Electoral Board. The envelope will contain handwritten signature matched with the one in the identification document that provides, photocopy of ID card or equivalent document evidencing, and a second blank envelope enclosed inside which will be included Ballot.

& Nbsp; Therefore, necessary, if you are going to vote by certified mail, include a photocopy of ID card within the large envelope with a handwritten signature and, whether to vote on delivering the Center, present the DNI whose signature with the handwritten coinicide included in the large envelope.

& Nbsp; Inside the envelope small, that must be closed, se incluirá la papeleta de voto, which can be downloaded here.

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