Decorating the school fence

ambasIf you know you have time to paint and do, cheer: Ostippo gives you the necessary materials and the opportunity to make yourself known as an artist!

Did you notice in the two murals that adorn the entrance to the school? Did you know that have been made by two former students of our center? They are very different, but the two have shaped experiences while studying secondary, in this difficult time that is adolescence; his ideas on education, about where you want the youth in today's society ... If you want to know in more detail what they are trying to say with his drawings, read.


"Part of me thinks I'm a loser, the other thinks I'm powerful. "

John Lennon (cantante de The Beatles)

“Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?” Steve Jobs (Apple founder)

(You want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?)


The mural consists of two parts: on the right is a section androgynous human figure in profile, with certain anatomical deformation of the skull area, white hair, piel albina y sin pupila ni iris; chest is hidden under a cloth wave by a wind illusory. This character pretends to be a cyborg or similar entity, which may be reflected in the details of the head, neck and arm. Located on the front we see a shiny stone and two near the eye, that provide a futuristic and almost alien. Just down the front, and separating hair, has a metal belt white and light blue that accentuates the look of science fiction. Where should be the seventh vertebra, a thick cable excels in blues and violet. The arm has a band with a series of numbers and a letter embossed.

In the left section of the mural found a black crow flight bringing the opposite direction to the human, made with certain areas dithered. Impinged parts where imaginary light yellow were accentuated with a certain volume to provide an image that, otherwise, had found flat and without direction that would guide the viewer.

Both parts are integrated into a white striped background, violet and purple and, between lines and images, Heavenly Clouds are located a flat with white dots and heavy black edge. He wanted this fund simulated a scenario plan, a mixture of years 50 with a touch of Disney.



The iconography of the mural is the relationship of man with new technologies. The human figure is to be aware, decayed to a world incomplete and incapable of independently. The dark bird is an allegory of some of the consequences that can produce this dependence. A bird may represent both doom and release, why I wanted to use as a reference to the unconscious, the inner part of us that can simultaneously represent a yearning for freedom and free expression, and anxiety and distress, namely, inner contradiction.


Although after reading this seems a mural that produces restlessness, the main purpose is to represent social relations and show that we should not get carried away by consumerism and isolation that often lead to new technologies, and increasingly affect new generations. Because, How many times we are with a friend in a cafe and he is more aware of wassap to talk to us? The institute is a place to learn, but not only basic knowledge of everyday, but also life, the relationships with others, to know that we are not alone and that our problems also suffer other, although each has its own way of dealing with them.


It was a pleasure working with White Remedies, a great companion with whom I shared several anecdotes worth remembering. I would also gradecer all staff of IES. Ostippo their great cooperation and help and, course, the giving us the opportunity to have this wonderful experience to paint the walls of the school building where We filed.

Maria Machuca Borrego




When I proposed this project and I started thinking about what I could paint, I happened to draw the subjects, especially major, those which may leave all other. On the other hand I really wanted to paint butterflies, so I took that “canvas” white to unite these two things.

Now that I see the finished mural I can not leave behind the stories. The first to have known Mary Machucha, “my roommate wall”: has been a pleasure. After the title was funny that we are going: BIRDS IN THE HEAD, BUTTERFLIES IN THE STOMACH AND FLIES BEHIND THE EAR. Esto último literalmente, I, I. And finally, the day we saw enter the school to one that was nuts. Good, exactly was a sheep, but not this be kept as a goat. He was being chased by his owner, trying to recover, cuando sale una profesora por la ventana y le dice: "Let, that viene learning!”



Butterfly black wings and yellow-colored stains, light brown and dark brown corresponds to Mathematics. A color represents the units, another one the tens and hundreds. You have to look at the top of a wing, adding the amounts and check the result in the bottom of the wing. The color representing the units, tens and hundreds you will have to discover each, and the number also.

The butterfly represents Quijote Language and Literature. I liked the idea that El Quijote were present; and mills, clear, these at the bottom. Butterfly Art is the Music, also symbolizing Painting and Visual Arts. The butterfly represents the Social Sciences Spain, y la que tiene las rayas es la de las Ciencias de la Naturaleza. The latter has the wings in the form of leaves and is inspired by a real butterfly wings is thus, like leaves, allowing you to blend.

Plus I like to think that the wall is a boundary that separates the inside outside or vice versa, but the joining of the two: Nature (Not only the field, animals and plants; also people and relationships) on the outside, and knowledge, on the inside. So, Butterflies are nature wall, that is on the outside, while representing each butterfly is knowledge, that is within, in high school.

But inside there are both external, and outside no inside. Hence relationships, knowledge and, how not, goat-sheep are both inside and outside.

Remedies White

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