Changing Passwords in Guadalinex

To change password assigned to a user Guadalinex should take the following steps:

  • Enter Guadalinex with current username and password.
  • Once inside open Guadalinex browser Firefox and write in the address bar c0/gesuser. (IMPORTANT, DO NOT write in the google search bar).
  • When loading the web page gesuser login again with the username and current password.
  • If the user is well written and password, see a new page with a menu on the left where you will find a choice of password change. Click on that option.
  • Then appear a page in which we our our data (Full name and user). Those who check details are correct.
  • On that page also asks the current password. The write and click on change.
  • We see a new page for write 2 Sometimes new password we want.
  • Finally press Change and if we get the message “the password has been changed” is because we have to change our user password Guadalinex.
  • From this moment, Guadalinex to access as well as user-gesuser access to change the password again- we enter the new password.
IMPORTANT NOTE: It is convenient to write down the password…

For those who want a tutorial explained above in powerpoint, can press here si son alumnos y here if they are teachers.

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