Support for participation in language immersion programs in holiday camps


The BOE yesterday, day 29, published the Resolution extract 1 de marzo de 2016 of the Secretary of State for Education, Training and Universities for which aids are summoned to participate in a language immersion program at holiday camps, organized by the Ministry of Education, Cultura y Deporte.
It is a call directed to alumnado enrolled in First and Second E.S.O. during this course 2015/2016, there is obtained, As minimum, “notable” average course grade 2014-2015 and “notable” As a final note on the subject of English in the same course, and that It has not been a recipient of aid in previous calls.
The deadline for submitting applications will remain open until 15 of April.
You can access all information through the following links:
Language immersion program at holiday camps. 1ESO
Language immersion program at holiday camps. 2ESO

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