General information on the accreditation of foreign language proficiency in the context of studies of the University of Seville

11.4To earn a bachelor's degree students Andalusian universities should demonstrate the level of mastery of a foreign language. The required level must be as given in memory corresponding title verification shall be at least level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This same is the level required to access the Master of Secondary School Education, Training and Language Teaching. Also the various Masters may be a requirement for entry or exit a level of mastery of a foreign language.

The calls for international mobility of the University of Seville, the host university will be specified in the required language level, while, if the host university does not require a specific level, BBB will count as extra credit for obtaining the grant.

To prove competence in a foreign language there are several ways:

  • Certifications recognized by the University of Seville: certificates must be submitted to the Institute of Languages ​​for recognition and validation.
  • The students of the Institute of Languages, Faculty of Philology and the Faculty of Tourism and Finance, University of Seville can demonstrate competence in a foreign language courses and making passing a proficiency exam in the relevant calls to their respective centers.
  • Testing Accreditation conducted by the Language Institute for students of Bachelor and Master of the University of Seville.
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